A call out to Watford Fields Residents!

The Watford Local Plan Consultation includes a draft proposal for the development of the garages behind 2-24 Elfrida Road.

The garage site above has been listed as a possible location for new housing. Residents can comment on the plan by opening the link below and registering.


  1. Click on the link to First Draft Watford Local Plan 2020-2036
  2. Scroll to Chapter 4 and then to H28, the Elfrida Road site.
  3. Comment by clicking on the pen icon.

There are other proposed sites affecting our area to view too.

This is a reminder that the first draft Local Plan consultation, ends on Friday 8th November, so if you have objections to the plan then the deadline for registering your objections is fast approaching.

WFRA will be opposing any plans to develop this land for housing on the grounds of:

  • the extra traffic it will generate
  • additional parking pressure
  • loss of amenity to residents directly adjacent to the site
  • loss  of amenity to users of the garages – i.e., local residents

We urge concerned residents to add their objections to the proposals too.

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