Watford Fields is an area of Watford that is unique and very special.  There are 648  households within the boundary and includes Pumphouse Crescent, Dyson Court and Crossfield Court.

Watford Fields has an Infant School and a Junior School which have served the local community for over a 100 years.

The two grass areas that form the “Fields” were bequeathed to the local community on 10th January 1855 for the purpose of exercise and recreation.  The land is currently cared for by Watford Borough Council who maintain the grass areas and the playground.

The names given to the local roads is not an accident and links directly back to the original purchasers of the land who then proceeded to build the Victorian houses we have today.  Dyson Court is also named after the Dyson family who had a brewery on the site of Dyson Court.  Farthing Close is named after Farthing Lane which was a narrow path that would have been in the vicinity of the Close but no longer exists.

If you have any other interesting history about the area then please contact us via the contact page so that we can add to the knowledge we already have.

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